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We can dream our existence


Safety grows by taking action, by doing what you haven´t done before. Our job is to help people to grow their own safety zones, which creates empowerment, active engagement and meaningful participation. Collective action on community development issues unifies and reconnects diverse people, when interventions are based on the demands and wants of the community.

Utilization of healthcare, educational and developmental structures depends on:

1) Safety.

2) Acceptability (social and cultural).

3) Affordability (financial).

4) Accessibility (organizational).

Focus on integration of community owned care and development initiatives:

1) Create acces to technology as a means to an end and to contribute to personalized and predictive healthcare.

2) Determine the relevance of health care solutions to maximize the utilization of services to achieve desired outcomes.

3) Social and mental health to realize behavioral change and prevent physical illnesses. 

4) Facilitating basic education and skills development resulting in social economic independence and dignity.

5) Measurement of ´joyful living´/ impact.


Primary question

What discomforts are existing and what safety conditions are wanted within the community, to start actions to create a different social economic situation?

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