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What: selling services and products

Community Care Solutions is like a small shop selling products and services contributing to safety, healthcare and welfare of vulnerable communities in India, thus creating development opportunities for those involved. Each product or service is a journey as such, it is about an experience contributing to joyful living of those receiving it. Using the strength of people and teams we are connecting communities at different levels.



Why: servicing safety and accountability

Reflecting on the truth of the situation in India in 1986-1988, travelling around the country by train and bus, I saw its beauty and its extreme hardships. I decided to become a paramedic and development worker. It led me via Afghanistan, Cameroon, the Netherlands, back to India today and Africa tomorrow. We want to support communities how to deal with external drivers they can´t influence.

How: community strength, social entrepreneurship, partnerships

We bring products, innovations and services from the Netherlands (or other) to India of which we expect they will have a significant social and/or socio-economic impact on vulnerable groups. In each initiative we will work with an Indian counterpart and create partnerships to become effective. We develop new business models focusing on social entrepreneurship.

Who: clients, professionals, teams, organizations, communities

Rural and urban communities being excluded from using existing social infrastructures and innovations related to health, education and/or safety. Vulnerable groups like children, adolescents, women, differently-abled, elderly, and sick people. And, care- and social workers and managers in the field, who can bring the products and services to the people (as social entrepreneurs), co-creating new business models.

Transformation: team, organizational + community ​development

Institute For Value Network Development does action-research to develop and share knowledge with specialists and practitioners. Together with clients and stakeholders they research and develop the field of co-operation, co-directing and co-performing. Especially the Multi-stakeholder collaboration has our special interest. How to develop different patterns of behavior to create sustainable results? 

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