Servicing safety and accountability

Reflecting on the truth of the situation in India, South East Asia and Australia in 1986-1988, travelling around by train and bus, I saw extreme beauty and extreme hardships. It was than I decided to become a paramedic and co-development worker. It led me via Afghanistan, Cameroon, the Netherlands, back to India and Africa today.

Our experiences and stories  we would like to share in the Dutch changing society, where professionals and civlians are more and on a wider scope focussing on organizational or community co-development, with or without the support of technology.

It is the analogy of community co-development between earlier called first and third world countires that facinates us. The Community Based Approach, widely used as a methology to co-develop so called underdeveloped cultures and countries, was introduced after the second world war by the international development sector led by the United Nations.

These days terms like decentralization, value driven organizations, involvement of the community in decision and solution making, collective execution and reflection, and effective, realistic and social management and entrepreneurship are used and mentioned widely.

To us it means we can learn a lot from the co-develoment sector. We start the journey to see how and what we can contribute to transmit insights on community co-development and co-operation by sharing experiences, knowledge and comparisons working in both worlds.


Consequently we will share tools about co-direction and on collective execution in a accountable way. We support teams, communities all over the place, how to deal with external drivers they can´t influence and have to adapt to. What new patterns of behavior do you need to become a sustainable team, organization and/or community?

Lecture: collective ownership and co-direction

Gerard Zwerver guides you through his projects in different cultural settings where behavior change of the target groups contributed to achieving results. Multi-stakeholder management based on collective entrepreneurship and co-direction. New insights and technologies and positive energy being the amplifiers of result oriented collective execution to achieve social impact. A proces of change that can take place at your own level, within your own organization.


Workshop: community building and collective behavior change

In this workshop we will select and install the governing body of your community. We will ask ourselves ´do we have a dream´? We will reflect on and connect with the past, our ancestors, to create visions about our future successes and how to serve the community. We will listen and create our ambition inspired on our positive energy.




Team and community (organization) co-development program

A two day working session in which we go through the whole proces of gettings things done as a team. Achieving results within 6 months based on the priorities of the team. Related to the factors of success we will describe which behaviors are needed to feel safe and consequently amplify impact. We will use the example of the orthopedic centre in Kabul, Afghanistan to experience the strength of community empowerment.


Facillitator and Implementing Partner 

Community Care Solutions transforms existing situations in teams, organizations and communities, implementing programs and projects in collaboration with the owner. Working with broad-based solutions, executive coaching, team reflection and - development, effective business models, social entrepreneurship and co-direction. We do what is necessary to get the desired results, creating impact.

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