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Using social entrepreneurship as an effective tool to make holistic and preventive healthcare acceptable, accessible and affordable to both users of and investors in community health development. Technology is brought to the communities concerned: demands and wants assessment, realizing behavioral change, diagnosis with the benefit of central support, monitoring of clients, distribution of medicines, commodities and devices, organizing social activities and training and education of Community Health Workers and clients.


Technology is used to do research and to start a dialogue with the communities. Consequently care and prevention programs are developed by the stakeholders and provided to the community. Dialogue and access to research results enables the communities to be self-supporting when taking healthcare decisions and to determine their evolving holistic demands and wants.


Community Care focusses on the most vulnerable within the communities: women, children, adolescents and disabled, to make them benefit from new concepts and initiatives. Community Care is qualified to facilitate the integration and/ or implementation of activities from collaborating partners, like:


  • Training of Community Health Workers and Counsellors: holistic health care, business development and health care technology.

  • Implementing community diagnosis, monitoring and tracking system.

  • Making products available by establishing a distribution system.

  • Sales of natural and allopathic medicines and healthcare and research related products and services.

  • Health education, prevention and promotion activities supported by devices and technology.

  • Sales of social and mental health services.

  • Sales of medical and occupational therapy devices.

  • Data collection approaches for research.

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