Activities and results 2016 

In 2016 Community Care executed activities in India, Cameroon, Malawi and the Netherlands. In its initial phase it was focussing on networking, investigating opportunities and geographical entrees and identifying pilots.

At the Rural Development Insitute, Dehradun, India a root cause analysis (organizational) was conducted (with the support of the Rainmen Group). The analysis, although no full report was supplied, was used by the Director to change the organization. Secondly we supported in proposal writing and were sharing new insights on innovative healthcare approaches elsewhere on the globe.

Related to the Rural Development Insitute, we advised the Pooja Kajal Foundation in conceptualizing its ideas and set up the program. The first Day Care Center has been opened and an Agreement of Understanding has been signed January 2017 between the two organizations.

A fiield visit was conducted at iKure, Kolkata, West Bengal rural area. Collaboration, with Healthy Entrepreneurs, in expanding its healthcare technology to Africa is considered an opportunity.

Community Care draw a businesscase Cameroon to extend the activities of Healthy Entrepreneurs in Sub-Saharan Africa. Interventions are aimed at 2018.