People involved

To reflect on my initiative I asked the support of the following wonderful people:

Jos Casparie

Jos has committed himself the year 2017 to look critically at the organizational and concept development of Community Care. Presently and partly involved in India and with a lot of experience in leading big professional organizations Jos wants to spend time on serving the less priviliged.


Ellen Kalkhoven


Ellen also comitted herself for the year 2017 to look at the financial and concept development of the organization. As a business manager she has a broad experience in healthcare and Non-Governmental Organizations like The Hunger Project and HealthNet / TPO.

Ashna Sookha

Ashna is the initiator and Chair of the                                        and facilitated me recent years in rediscovering Primary Health Care and Community Development in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India. Through her connections I supported the Rural Development Insitute, part of the Himalayan Institute Hospital Trust, Dehradun, sharing my professional expertise.

I am most grateful for their input sofar and intend to formalize their contribution in the future,

Gerard Zwerver

Founding Father of Community Care Solutions. Dedicated to contribute to change: lead by example, keep it simple and ´one day at a time´. Broad experience in healthcare and development work in the Netherlands and abroad.